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Located in the Napa Valley, David's Jewelers is a unique shop featuring an exquisite collection of jewelry, gemstones, and fine Swiss watches. A Main Street attraction of light, space, architecture, and design, David's showcases the creations of owner/designer David Clark, as well as pieces from some of the most talented internationally known jewelry designers.

David has been creating jewelry for 30 years, 20 years from his St. Helena shop. "Making jewelry is an involved process, and you have to love it to do it well. It's an agony/ecstasy thing... from resolving the design - which can take from a few minutes to a few years - through the carving, cutting, melting, filing, soldering, sawing, hammering, polishing, polishing, polishing… to the satisfaction of a finished piece. Much of what is done to make it special, durable, and valuable, only another experienced jeweler will recognize. But you do it because you believe in it, and somewhere along the line, it can become art. And when I finish a piece that does this, or find a designer who has, that's the most special reward."

Our staff is very committed to jewelry. Most of us have been involved with it for over 25 years. Although we love it, and have fun with it, there are some things we stay serious about:

Quality… whether it's a $100 wedding band or a $100,000 intense yellow diamond ring, it must be well made. We have the experience, knowledge, and ability to ensure this.

Service…whether you are buying the band or the yellow diamond, you deserve our attention. Our staff is very approachable, and works for your satisfaction, not for a commission.

Pricing...we have no fictitious mark-ups, sales or discounts. We price our jewelry very competitively. When our customers have truly found the same thing elsewhere, they tell us our prices are less.

These pages are a sampling of what we bring together in our shop… beautiful gems from around the world, and works of jewelry art from the finest contemporary designers, including our very own limited production pieces available exclusively at David's. The design of these pieces ranges from classic to the cutting edge of contemporary, yet each piece is successful for the same reason: quality in design, material, and craftsmanship.

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